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Anything and everything you ever wanted to know about the Arizona Region SCCA race program is here.
Select a folder from the list on the left and the forms and information in that folder will show up on the right. Just click on the icon to download the document.

Road Rally
Regional Rules and Info
General Regional
Clifton Hill Climb
   Hill Climb 2015
   Hill Climb 2016
   Hill Climb 2017
AZ Region 14-15 Races
AZ Region 13-14 Races
AZ Region 12-13 Races
AZ Region 11-12 Races
AZ Region 10-11 Races
AZ Region 09-10 Races
AZ Region 08-09 Races
AZ Region 07-08 Races
AZ Region 06-07 Races
AZ Region 05-06 Races
AZ Region 04-05 Races

2017 AZSCCA Clifton Hill Climb Entry.pdf


2017 AZSCCA Clifton Hill Climb Schedule - UPDATED.pdf


2017 AZSCCA Clifton Hill Climb Schedule.pdf


AZSCCA Hill Climb Tech Checklist - 2017.pdf


Event Image.jpg


Event Logo.JPG

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